Harrison Mayes Roadside Sign


Middlesboro, Kentucky’s Harrison Mayes was a coal miner, folk artist, and evangelist. He started dotting the Appalachian landscape with handmade concrete crosses and signs in 1918 at the age of 20 until his death in 1986. As you can see by the photos, on one side the sign reads “PREPARE TO MEET GOD.” On the other, it reads, “JESUS IS COMING SOON.” Since I model part of that area in 1947 I thought this would be something unique and a bit of real history.

You get one double sided sign with all sprue removed. Very minor sanding may be required. In the example shown I sprayed with grey primer and when dried used an Alcohol Wash w/India Ink. To get a slight cracking on the concrete you can use a hobby knife to score the part before painting.

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