WRRS Pedestal Relay/Phone Cabinet Kit: O Scale


From the catalogs of Western Railroad Supply Company these type of cabinets go back to 1937 when they adapted “Western” into their name. Used alone for track circuits or crossing and train signals, they were used all over and many can still be seen today. Pedestal version was also used as a phone box.

There may be some minor sanding needed on the parts. We removed all the supports, but there may be some small “bumps” where the supports were that will need to be sanded/filed off for a better fit. The hole for the pole has been reamed out for a 3/32 tube (Not included) and should not need gluing as it’s a snug fit. Use ACC glue for the cabinet door and pinnacle. Any good model paint will work, but we used Tamiya silver from a spray can.

Brass tube is NOT included – You supply the 3/32 brass tube. (K&S # 8126) or aluminum 3/32 tube (K&S # 8101)

  • Many of our parts come with supports still attached, and will need to be carefully cut. We always recommend a good sprue cutter for this. Some minor sanding may be required. Parts that have had their supports removed may have some small bumps where the supports were removed that will need to be sanded/filed off for a better fit.
    ACC glue works well for all our resin parts.
    Parts take paint well after priming. We recommend Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000, but any good thin primer will work.
    All parts come unpainted.
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