Control Hose Bracket and Signal Lines: O Scale


Based on manufacturer’s drawings. You will receive 4 brackets and 16 signal lines. They can be bolted onto the locomotive itself or using some type of easy to make bracket. Most modern locomotives allow for four lines, however, some used three.  See the sample photos. Simply cut off one opening and lightly sand. The signal lines are made from a nylon type resin that has some flex and will not crack when pressure is applied.

The holes in the manifold may be carefully reamed with a number 71 drill bit. Use ACC glue to attach the signal lines.

  • Many of our parts come with supports still attached, and will need to be carefully cut. We always recommend a good sprue cutter for this. Some minor sanding may be required. Parts that have had their supports removed may have some small bumps where the supports were removed that will need to be sanded/filed off for a better fit.
    ACC glue works well for all our resin parts.
    Parts take paint well after priming. We recommend Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000, but any good thin primer will work.
    All parts come unpainted.
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